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Create Unique Memories

Create Unique Memories

What are the messages behind your dreams?
Throughout history, people from around the world have sought wisdom and guidance from the dreamworld. The dreamworld is the ultimate escape from reality where the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Dreamclue.com is the only site on the net with an ever expanding, free and anonymous, dynamic dream interpretation system. Dreamclue.com was built from the ground up using the latest in technology and research to give you the most up to date ideas to help you accurately input your own dream interpretations. You are also free to comment if certain symbols mean something different to you in order to help others with their dream interpretations. JOIN RIGHT NOW!
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Recently added interpretations
Parking Lot
Parking Lot Being in or seeing events happening in a parking lot don't really mean much at all message wise. What is more important is the condition, number and ...
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Mouth Dreaming of a mouth is symbolic of an inability to properly understand what is going on around you if it was silent. If the mouth was telling you a me...
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Mother Board
Mother Board Mother boards such as those found in electronic equipment and computers are symbolic of control. Is it possible that recently, you took back control o...
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Frigate Although a frigate is a type of ship, the interpretation is somewhat different in that a lot of what you worked very hard for is possibly going to be ...
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Lamborghini Lamborghini's interpretation is similar to that of a regular car in that there is some unfinished business lurking in your immediate area that you ne...
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Recent comments
Marriage (0.03%) 2008-05-04
Marriage I keep getting this dream of me getting marrried to an old girl friend for whom I still have feelings|...
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Death (0.24%) 2008-04-17
Death What if you dream of your OWN death? I had a dream that I was shot in the head and knew I was dying. A few weeks later I had another dream that I had ...
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Most popular interpretations
House (1.89%)
House Generally, if you dream of your house or homes you have visited or lived in the past, this is an indication by your subconscious mind that it's time t...
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Back (1.77%)
Back A back is symbolic of your position, views and work ethic in your life. Your subconscious is also warning you that if somebody asks you to borrow mone...
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One (1.74%)
One The number one is generally symbolic of unity. If you see one object of which there are many but only one appears in your dream, this becomes symbolic...
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Friends (1.35%)
Friends Dreaming of friends has many different meaning but generally, either you or some of your friends are in need of guidance as there is a rough patch cur...
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Time (1.26%)
Time Time marches on no matter what you do, being cognizant of the passage of time in your dream may hint at an upcoming death or birth depending on the ti...
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