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Interpretation for "Bed" (0.63%)

A bed may symbolize both security and extreme concern especially if the foot of the bed is leading towards a door of some sort. If you are making a bed but don't finish it, it may indicate you have some unresolved problems in your life which you need to address. If you or the person in your dream gets out of bed backwards or from the right its generally symbolic of good luck, if they are sitting or get out of bed on the left hand side then back luck is around the corner. If you where going to bed with a stranger, this is a subconscious warning that you need to slow down your relationships a little, things are going too fast. If you saw yourself floating up above the bed, this indicates you are loosing touch with what is important to you in life.

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Dream Interpretation of I was in, bedroom, boyfriend 2011-08-15
I was in the bedroom with my boyfriend. We were being intimate but stopped before we could go any further. I wanted to keep going but he said we had no time because of our guests. Then five minutes later, our guests knocked on the door and entered the room. I wasn't dressed yet so I told them to sit down while I took a shower. There were four showers but I wanted the last one on the right. I got all my shampoo and conditioner and took it to the shower. However someone took it instead and I was forced to go to the first shower on the left. I placed all my things outside and started to undress. Then I see this black kid try to get in my shower but I pulled him out and told him this is mine. I also told him to go to the next one. He left. I turned on the shower and realized it was a big bath. It made me feel shorter than I was. I placed the curtain around me as I got my shampoo. I was going to turn on the water but a stranger followed me inside. I told him I was using this bathroom but he just smiled. I felt unsafe and so started to leave. He came behind me and wrapped his arms around me preventing me from leaving. I screamed rape twice and then woke up. I was thinking if I really did scream rape.
Unknown man jumping on my bed 2008-05-22
I've been having this recurring dream that i'm lying in my bed, back propped up against a pillow, a lamp is on by my side. and then there's a stranger who tries to jump on my bed, either from the foot of my bed or from the side. so i kick him in the chest, which is always the point at which i wake up and realise that it's dark in my room and that i was dreaming!
Dream Interpretation of BABY, BED 2010-08-06
Dream Interpretation of bunk beds 2014-01-18
I was in a dorm room with several people. There were bunk beds in the room and I choose the bottom bunk. There was a black spider on the bed and I was scared. I grabbed a fleece jacket and we left. We went to go on a water ride. When I fist got on, there were no seat belts, but when the ride stopped there were seat belts and they were buckled. After the ride, I went to see my mother. At that point I sat on her lap and sucked my thumb while she cuddled me. Later that night, I found myself wearing training pants. I wanted to wet them, and I had to stop myself from doing it.
Dream Interpretation of Orange, ball, bed 2011-03-01
Orange ball in bed
Dream Interpretation of bed, fell, behind 2009-09-16
I dream I'm asleep in bed in exactly the same position I fell asleep and am then woken up. I dream that the duvet is being pulled very strongly away from me from behind. This dream has occured on several occassions now but last night I actually felt as though there was someone leaning over me from behind too. The dream is very very real and quite frightening, almost to the point that I am affraid to reclose my eyes as it reoccurs throughout the night.
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