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Interpretation for "Walking" (0.57%)

Walking is an indication of competition in the dreamworld. Walking forward confidently means you will conquer all while walking backwards means failure is at your doorstep.

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Related Dreams
Dream Interpretation of Walking, dog, green 2011-08-25
Walking a dog through green fields, or up a hill, with a lover, sun shining, great views, felt content and happy like we were a family
Dream Interpretation of walking, ocean 2011-08-11
someone walking into an ocean
Dream Interpretation of walking, beach, ocean 2010-12-19
i was walking on the beach next to the ocean. then suddenly a big tidal wave hit me. but the wave turned into a landslide and i found myself with dirt all over my face.
Dream Interpretation of man, walking, dog 2010-05-31
i dreamed of a man walking with a dog.
Dream Interpretation of walking, home, one 2010-08-24
I was walking someone home one night and it was cold. I then walked to bridge overpass where I saw a group of hobos hanging out when suddenly they saw me and started to chase me. I then saw a car passing me by and I flagged them down to tell them to take me home.
Dream Interpretation of man, advice, walking 2009-10-01
I dream of this man coming to me asking me for advice and walking away. this person is not dead he is very much still alive yet he does the same thing in my dreams every month
Dream Interpretation of boyfriend, walking, park 2010-05-04
I dreamed my boyfriend and I were walking by a park, at night. Two men approached us a shot him dead. One guy pointed the gun at me, I asked him not to kill me but he shot me. I fell down a brick wall and played dead untill the men left.
Dream Interpretation of Walking, number, yes 2011-04-30
Walking around the mall Joe comes up and starts flirting with me, he's shirtless and tries to give me his number. I finally say yes and then I realize that he's Joe and I kiss him. After that he says he wants to be my boyfriend and we walk around the beach and forest together. He turns into transforms into Kendall and we walk around for awhile. I'm then in an old mill with a bunch of old italian guys trying to understand them and I see Kendall outside over the balcony calling to me so I run downstairs even though my friends say no and go on a walk with him. When i get back everyone is getting picked up by their parents and we drive home and their is ocean foam everywhere! it's like snow.
Dream Interpretation of boyfriend, walking, bathroom 2010-06-22
My boyfriend dremed of walking into an extremely large, very ornate bathroom in a house. Inside the bathroom was a large tub in the corner. In the tub was a younger, thinner Dom Deluise (he has no idea why Dom Deluise- he has not thought about him, heard his voice in- or seen him in any movies lately). He had a large basset hound in the tub with him. When the bathroom door opened, the dog jumped out of the tub, ran to him (my boyfriend) while barking, then jumped up on him while barking (friendly). As the dog jumped out of the tub, Dom Deluise stood up from the tub. He was hairless, and without genitalia. My boyfriend used the word "doll-like". Any ideas? My boyfriend is 39, has no dog, owns his own construction business, is very responsible and hardworking. He puts others needs WAY before his own-sometimes to his own detriment and he's been VERY stressed lately about money, his business, and (possibley) health. He has no genitalia or "performance" issues but at times makes comments about his weight. He allows his ex girfriend to be controlling over him since she threatens to 'never let him see the kids again' (two children that she alone adopted while they were dating and living together).
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