What Does It Mean To Dream Of Crying? Decoding The Dream Of Seeing Myself Cry

Have you ever dreamt of crying? You’re not alone; a study conducted by Harvard University found that nearly 20% of all dreams involve some kind of emotional distress. But what does it mean when you have a dream about yourself or someone else crying? To gain insight into the symbolic meaning behind this type of dream, it is important to look at the context in which the crying occurs and how it makes you feel. In this article, we will explore what it means to dream of crying and decode the deeper symbolism behind seeing myself or someone else cry in a dream.

Dreaming of crying is a good or bad omen?

Dreaming of crying can be interpreted as both a good and bad omen, depending on the context of the dream and what emotions were felt during it. Crying in a dream can indicate sadness, frustration or even anger that is being held back in waking life. It could also represent unresolved issues or feelings that need to be addressed. If you are dreaming of someone else crying, this could indicate an issue with them that needs to be rectified. On a spiritual level, dreaming of crying might signify a cleansing process taking place within your subconscious mind or soul.

Dreaming of yourself crying may represent suppressed emotions such as pain, sorrow or regret; it could also indicate spiritual growth through self-reflection and introspection. Dreaming of seeing someone else cry might mean there is something wrong between you two that needs to be resolved for peace and harmony to exist again. Dreaming of a child crying could symbolize innocence being taken away from them; it may also suggest you’re feeling helpless about some situation in your life right now and feel like there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you find yourself dreaming of hysterically crying then this might signify profound grief over something lost in your life; alternatively, it could denote joyous relief at having been freed from some burden or difficulty. Furthermore, if in the dream you see yourself crying out diamonds or gold then this can represent the preciousness of something which has been found after much searching and effort – perhaps even inner wisdom gained through personal growth experiences – while if tears are absent then this suggests bottled-up feelings which still need to be released before progress can take place. All things considered, dreaming of crying often reveals deep insights into one’s inner world that should not go ignored but rather embraced for further development on one’s path towards enlightenment.

Dream Of Crying

Dreaming of crying

Weeping in my sleep can be a sign of deep-seated emotion bubbling to the surface. Dreaming of crying is often associated with sadness and feelings of despair, but it can also be interpreted as a sign that you are facing and overcoming your fears or worries. When dreaming of yourself crying, it could suggest that something within you needs healing, such as unresolved trauma or suppressed emotions. If you dream of seeing someone else cry, this could indicate compassion or empathy on your part for someone else’s struggle. It could also signal a connection between what they are going through and something happening in your life. Seeing a child cry in a dream may represent repressed memories from childhood resurfacing. Dreaming and seeing myself crying blood could symbolize feeling overwhelmed by an emotional burden or experiencing intense grief. On the other hand, dreaming that I cried out diamonds suggests great wealth and success from overcoming challenges while sleep dreaming I cry out gold implies achieving financial stability through hard work. Crying in bed during sleep might mean being overwhelmed by one’s emotions due to stress or sadness while dreaming of no tears when crying might signify feeling emotionally numb due to past trauma. Finally, if you dream about your partner weeping, this may suggest that there is an underlying issue in the relationship which needs addressing. In sum, dreams about crying can carry many different meanings depending on the context and situation presented in the dream itself.

Dreaming of myself crying

Crying in a dream can be a sign that something deep inside of you needs to be healed. Dreaming of myself crying is an indication that you are feeling lost and overwhelmed by the current state of your life. It could represent sadness or despair, as well as deep-seated emotional pain. Alternatively, it may signify joy and happiness – tears of joy often appear in dreams if one has achieved their desires or experienced an emotional victory.

Seeing someone else crying in a dream usually suggests that the person is going through a difficult period in their life, and requires help from others to overcome it. If the individual is close to you, then it may be beneficial for you to provide them with support and comfort during this challenging time. On the other hand, if the individual is a stranger, then this may be symbolic of your own internal struggles that need attention.

Dreams featuring both crying and laughter can indicate conflicting emotions within oneself – possibly stemming from unresolved issues or experiences from the past. This type of dream can also symbolize feelings such as guilt or regret over certain decisions made in life; however, it should not necessarily be interpreted negatively as it could allude to positive experiences such as learning lessons from mistakes rather than dwelling on them forever.

Dreaming of crying without tears could suggest that there are feelings which have been suppressed due to fear or insecurity about expressing them openly. It might also imply that there are underlying issues which need addressing before being able to move forward with confidence and clarity towards achieving personal goals or relationships with others around us.

It’s important to remember that any dream involving crying should not be taken at face value but rather explored further by exploring why we feel so strongly about these particular situations in our lives right now – whatever they may be – so we can find peace within ourselves again once more.

If you dream that your mother is crying

If you have a dream in which your mother is crying, it could be an indication that something is troubling her or that she needs emotional support from you. Dreaming of your mother crying can be a sign of worry and fear for her wellbeing. It may also symbolize unresolved emotions like guilt or regret over something done in the past. Alternatively, dreaming of your mother crying could represent a longing for connection with her, as it often signifies missing someone who has passed away.

Dreaming of crying in a dream is usually associated with sadness and anguish; however, it can also be interpreted as an expression of joy or celebration if there are positive associations to the event within the dream. Crying at a funeral can signify grief for those lost but also serve as a reminder that life is finite and death cannot be avoided. Similarly, dreaming of someone crying over death may indicate mourning but also remind one to appreciate life while they can.

The interpretation of dreams where people cry will depend on the individual’s own feelings about the situation and their relationship with the person they are seeing cry in their dream. The symbolism behind this type of dream will vary depending on how much emotional resonance it holds for them personally. If necessary, seeking professional help from a therapist or psychologist may help clarify any underlying issues related to the dream experience itself.

In some cases, dreaming about someone else’s tears might represent empathy towards another’s suffering and indicate compassion towards them during difficult times. This could suggest an inner desire to offer comfort and support when needed most to those around us who require it emotionally or psychologically. Overall, understanding what causes us to see someone cry in our dreams is essential for gaining insight into our innermost desires and motivations so we can better understand ourselves and make more meaningful connections with those around us throughout our lives.

Dream of seeing a stranger crying

Dreaming of seeing a stranger crying can be an indication that someone in your life may need emotional support. It could be a sign that you should reach out to someone who is going through a difficult time and offer them comfort. Alternatively, it could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope on your own. It is possible that the dream is urging you to seek help from others and not suffer in silence.

It could also represent the idea of death or loss of innocence, as seen in the classic dream of witnessing someone cry for the dead. The dream might be suggesting that it’s time to let go of something or someone who has been holding you back, allowing you to move forward with your life. On another level, it may hint at hidden anxieties and fears about death or mortality.

Dreaming of comforting someone crying often symbolizes empathy and understanding towards those around us. This suggests that even if we don’t understand their situation completely, we can still show compassion when they are in need. In addition, dreaming of a friend crying indicates a deep bond between two people — one person providing emotional support for another during times of distress or grief.

Finally, dreaming of yourself crying without any tears serves as an outlet for emotions that are too overwhelming to express verbally or physically — such as sadness, frustration or guilt — allowing them free expression so they don’t cause long-term damage internally. It also suggests an internal struggle between trying to stay strong and succumbing to pressure from outside sources; however, acknowledging these feelings is necessary before progress can be made towards healing oneself emotionally and spiritually.

In a dream, seeing a child crying

Seeing a child crying in a dream can be an indication of inner turmoil or unresolved issues, as it often represents the trauma and sadness that one may feel but is unable to express. According to a recent survey, 68% of respondents reported feeling overwhelmed when seeing a child cry in their dreams. It could also symbolize suppressed feelings of guilt for not being able to protect the child, or fear of losing them. Dreaming of a baby crying can represent the need for comfort and security, while dreaming of someone else’s crying baby signifies worries about another person’s emotional wellbeing. Likewise, dreaming of holding a crying baby might suggest that one needs consolation from those around them.

Dreaming about seeing children cry can also denote real-life anxieties related to parenting or caring for others; such as fears of not being able to provide enough love and support, or doubts about one’s ability to take care of someone else’s physical and mental health. The dream could also be symbolic representation for unresolved childhood issues which are resurfacing in adulthood without any conscious effort. In this case, it is essential to seek professional help if these emotions persist beyond the dream realm.

Overall, dreaming of crying often reflects deep-rooted emotional pain and suffering that needs addressing in order to bring peace within oneself. Whether it is oneself or somebody else who is crying in the dreamscape; understanding why they are weeping can help uncover long forgotten traumas which have been simmering beneath the surface for years without resolution. As such, allowing oneself time and space away from everyday distractions is key if one desires to explore these dreams further with clarity and insight.

Dreaming and seeing myself crying blood

Terrifyingly, dreaming of myself crying blood could be symbolic of overwhelming emotional stress and repression. It could mean that I am carrying around a great deal of pent-up emotions that are too difficult to express in my waking life. This dream might also be indicative of deep sorrow and grief that I have been unable to process in a healthy or productive manner. In some cases, dreaming of myself crying blood could represent an inner conflict between holding onto the past and moving forward with one’s life. It can be difficult to come to terms with the pain and suffering we have experienced in our lives, but doing so is essential for personal growth and development.

Dreaming of crying meaning can also indicate unresolved issues from childhood or other traumatic experiences. If I find myself crying blood in a dream, it could symbolize unresolved trauma from my past that needs to be addressed before I can move on from it. A dream like this may suggest that it is time for me to confront these issues head-on if I want to achieve lasting peace and happiness. Additionally, seeing someone else cry in my dreams may signify feelings of guilt associated with not having done enough for them during their time of need.

Finally, dreaming of crying a lot or even tears without any explanation often means there is something wrong within my subconscious mind that needs attention. This type of dream suggests that I should take the time to look inwardly at whatever may be causing me distress or discomfort so I can work towards resolving these feelings and ultimately gaining closure over them. By taking steps towards understanding why certain dreams occur, we can gain greater insight into ourselves which will help us better cope with our emotions in both our waking state as well as our sleeping state.

Dreamed that I cried out diamonds

I awoke from a dream, finding my mouth agape and diamonds spilling out with every sob. Dreaming of crying out diamonds is a strange and powerful experience. It could be interpreted in many ways, depending on the dreamer’s personal life and experiences. However, it is generally thought to represent immense joy or sorrow within the dreamer’s subconscious mind.

The symbolism of crying out diamonds in a dream can have deeper meanings than just joy or sorrow. For instance, the diamond itself is often associated with strength, power, beauty, eternity and clarity – all things that can come from experiencing intense emotions like sorrow or joy. Crying out diamonds may also be indicative of releasing repressed emotions or feelings that have been trapped inside for too long. It could also symbolize achieving success against all odds or overcoming difficult obstacles to reach newfound freedom and happiness.

Dreaming of crying tears of joy can mean that you are feeling relieved after going through a difficult situation in your waking life. The relief that comes with this emotion will bring about great satisfaction which can manifest itself as tears – but instead of being tears of sadness these are tears of joy because they represent an emotional release from any distress you may have been feeling before the dream occurred. Likewise, dreaming of crying so much could indicate suppressed feelings finally coming to light as well as potential healing after dealing with loss or trauma in your life.

No matter how one interprets their dream experience involving crying diamonds, it should never be taken lightly since it holds significant meaning both on an emotional level for the individual as well as its spiritual implications that go beyond what we understand with our conscious minds alone. To better comprehend what this type of dreaming means for us personally requires some introspection into our deepest self and facing whatever issues we may find there head-on so that we can learn and grow from them in order to become our best selves.

Sleep and dream that I cry out gold

Awakening from a dream where I was crying out gold can be a disorienting experience, symbolizing both joy and sorrow. When dreaming of crying out gold, it is important to consider what other elements were present in the dream. If the tears streaming down your face were accompanied by rain or thunderstorms, this could suggest you’re going through a difficult period and need to seek help from friends or family. On the other hand, if the dream contained bright sunshine and blue skies, then it may mean that recent challenges have been overcome and you are ready to move forward with new opportunities.

Dreaming of crying out gold can also represent abundance in your life; perhaps there is an area where you feel like you are receiving too much of something—too much love or attention—and need to find balance. It could also signify that something valuable has been lost in your life that needs to be mourned before moving on. Alternatively, this type of dream could indicate that something extraordinary is about to happen in your life; for example, a promotion at work or a new relationship forming.

When dreaming of crying out gold it’s important to reflect upon what emotions were felt during the dream—whether they were positive or negative—as well as any symbols associated with them such as weather patterns and colors. This will provide more insight into what the dream might mean for you personally. Additionally, it is worth noting which areas of your life have changed recently which may be influencing these types of dreams; changes in relationships or work commitments can often trigger them. By taking all these aspects into consideration one can gain greater insights into their own personal meaning behind dreaming of crying out gold.

Dreaming of crying in bed

Frighteningly, dreaming of crying in bed can suggest an emotional burden that you are struggling to process and need to confront. It is often associated with feeling overwhelmed and powerless, as well as a sense of depression or anxiety. Dreams of crying in bed often indicate a deep-seated sadness that you may not be aware of or willing to face head on. This could also point towards unresolved issues from the past that are still causing pain in your present life.

Dreaming of someone else crying in bed could be interpreted differently depending on the context of the dream. If the person is known to you, it could reflect your own feelings and emotions about them or their current situation. On the other hand, if the person is unknown then it could represent unfamiliar aspects of yourself that require further exploration.

Dreaming of crying tears of joy can signify relief amidst difficult times. It can symbolize hope, optimism and gratitude for what you have in your life at present. You may be feeling a newfound sense of appreciation for what you have achieved so far even though there are many challenges ahead. Alternatively, it could mean that something has been released from within allowing you to experience true happiness after a period of sadness or hardship.

Similarly, dreaming about tears shed out of happiness may represent inner contentment and acceptance towards something which was once feared or dreaded but now solved or overcome successfully. This type of dream could also signify healing from previous hurtful experiences where joyousness has finally replaced sadness and despair after much perseverance over time.

Despite its frightening connotations, dreaming about crying doesn’t necessarily need to be viewed negatively; instead it can help us understand ourselves better by exploring our innermost thoughts and feelings more deeply than before through self-reflection and understanding our dreams better too!

I dreamed that I was crying and my eyes were swollen

You may be feeling a deep emotional burden that is difficult to process, if you have dreamed of yourself crying and your eyes were swollen. This could represent the difficulty of finding a way to express your emotions in waking life. It can also symbolize an inability to control your feelings or an overload of stress and sadness that needs to be released. Dreaming of yourself crying might also indicate an inner struggle with guilt or regret over something you’ve done or not done in the past. Alternatively, it could mean that you are ready to let go of something and move on with your life.

Dreams of someone else crying can similarly signify strong feelings such as grief, loss, sorrow or guilt. On the other hand, it could also reflect compassion for someone else’s struggles and may suggest being more sympathetic towards them in real life. Similarly, dreams of crying tears of joy can point towards being deeply moved by something positive in waking life – such as a special occasion or momentous event – but needing time to fully process it emotionally.

In Islam dreaming about crying can suggest sorrowful news coming soon while dreaming about others crying indicates good news will come shortly after. In all cases however, it is important not just to interpret what the dream means but also how it makes you feel when thinking about it further; this can help uncover deeper meanings which might be unique to each individual’s circumstances and experiences in reality.

No matter what kind of dream you had involving tears, there is likely something significant underlying its meaning for you specifically; taking time to reflect on this by exploring why these images came up in your subconscious mind could provide some valuable insight into understanding yourself better at a deeper level and ultimately lead to personal growth and development going forward.

Sleep and dream that I cry out loud

If you experience a dream in which you cry out loud, it could be an indication that something is deeply troubling you and needs to be addressed. Crying out loud can be seen as a way of expressing intense emotion, especially if the person crying is unable to find any other outlet for their feelings. Dreaming of crying out loud can also symbolize the need for help or attention from others, or a desire to have someone understand your emotional state. If the dreamer sees themselves crying out loud in their dream, this could mean that they are overwhelmed by certain emotions and do not know how else to express them. Alternatively, seeing someone else cry out loud in a dream could signify that the dreamer needs to pay more attention to the feelings of those around them and try to provide support where necessary. In some cases, dreaming of someone else crying out loud may even represent repressed emotions within oneself that need acknowledgment and healing.

Dream interpretation of crying usually involves looking at various aspects such as who is doing the crying in the dream and what objects or people appear alongside it. For instance, dreaming of yourself crying might indicate sadness over something that has recently occurred or unresolved issues from childhood while dreaming about seeing a stranger cry might suggest being disconnected from one’s own emotions. Similarly, dreaming of a friend or family member crying could signify worry about their well-being or guilt over not being able to help them with whatever problem they are facing at present. On the other hand, dreaming of children who are weeping may symbolize innocence being lost due to external influences beyond one’s control. Finally, surreal dreams involving tears made up of diamonds or gold often point towards inner strength and resilience despite difficult circumstances faced by the individual in life.

The meaning behind dreams involving tears vary greatly depending on each person’s individual experiences but generally involve some form of distress needing resolution either through self-reflection or seeking outside assistance when needed. Paying close attention to all details within these dreams can offer valuable insight into current emotional states which should never be ignored but instead embraced as opportunities for growth and transformation as humans continue on our journey through life’s ups and downs!

Dreaming of a friend crying

Dreaming of a friend crying may signify deep worry and concern for their well-being, as well as a desire to offer support in any way possible. This dream could symbolize that you have been worrying about your friend’s wellbeing and are seeking out ways to show them your love and support. Alternatively, it may indicate a feeling of helplessness or an inability to help them when they need it most. A dream of someone else crying can also indicate feelings of guilt or regret for not being able to do more for them.

The dream meaning of crying can be interpreted differently depending on the context surrounding the dream. For example, if you dreamed that your friend was crying because they were being bullied or mistreated by someone else, then it could represent feelings of anger or frustration at not being able to protect them from harm. On the other hand, if you dreamed that they were crying due to sadness over something going wrong in their life, then it could mean that you are feeling sympathetic towards their issues and want to do whatever you can to help make things better.

Dreaming of crying for help is another common interpretation that suggests inner turmoil or distress caused by an external force such as stress or worry about something happening in real life. It could also point towards a desperate plea for assistance due to feeling overwhelmed with the situation at hand. In some cases, dreaming of yourself or others crying might just be symbolic representation of all emotions bubbling up from within which need outlets such as tears, laughter, shouting etc., in order to release tension from emotional overwhelm

These meanings often vary between individuals and depend on the specific details included within each individual’s dream narrative. However, one thing remains consistent: dreaming of someone else (or yourself) crying likely indicates some form of emotional pain which needs acknowledgement and care in order process effectively – whether this comes from within oneself or from external sources such as family members and friends. Therefore it is important take these dreams seriously so one can take steps towards healing whatever underlying issue may be present in order restore peace within oneself once again.

Dream Of Crying

Dreaming of crying without tears

Weeping without tears in a dream can signify an inner emotional turmoil that is unable to be expressed outwardly. When you dream of crying, it could be indicative of a sadness that you are not able to express openly or to someone else. You may feel overwhelmed by the emotions and unable to let them out. Alternatively, dreaming of crying without tears can signal your inner strength and resilience despite feeling down. It may represent the ability to remain composed and stoic when difficulties arise in life.

Dreaming of crying on your birthday could suggest that although it’s supposed to be a time for celebration, there is something more deeply rooted inside which stops you from feeling truly joyful or content with this momentous event. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are about to embark on a new journey or chapter in your life and this change will bring along many waves of emotion.

When you dream of crying and shouting, it might symbolize great distress or unhappiness due to some kind of unresolved issues in your life. You may not know how best to handle these emotions or where they stem from but they have been locked away until now where they can surface through the dreamscape as an outlet for understanding yourself better. Similarly, if you find yourself dreaming of crying a river, then the meaning behind this imagery is likely connected with profound sorrow within yourself which needs healing attention or acknowledgement before being released into nothingness like water evaporating into thin air..

Dreaming of crying without tears is a powerful indication that although external forces have tried their best at breaking us down we are still standing strong against any kind of adversity thrown our way – no matter how overwhelming those circumstances appear at first glance. In times like these we must rely on our internal resources such as courage and determination in order for us to keep fighting back against all odds stacked up against us – even if we don’t always have visible evidence (tears) showing our pain or struggle afterwards..

The symbolic act of weeping silently without shedding tears is thus reflective of immense strength amidst silent suffering; reminding us that no matter what happens around us we are capable enough within ourselves – mentally & emotionally –to weather whatever storm comes our way eventually emerging victorious after having gone through immense hardship during our journey towards ultimate liberation from any sort chosen bondage imposed upon us knowingly or unknowingly over time

Dreaming and seeing myself crying for the dead

Transitioning from dreaming of crying without tears to dreaming and seeing yourself crying for the dead, you might be wondering what this could mean. Dreaming of someone crying or a deceased person can be interpreted as a warning sign about something. It could signify that there is an impending danger in your life or that you are facing some kind of adversity that requires your attention. Alternatively, it could also indicate that someone close to you is going through a difficult time and needs help. On the other hand, if you dreamed of yourself crying for the dead, it may suggest grief over something lost or may symbolize emotional turmoil and sadness within yourself.

The dream itself can provide more details on its meaning. For example, were you alone when you were crying in the dream? If yes, this would likely suggest feeling isolated in your sorrow. Alternatively, if others were present with you while you were grieving then perhaps they represent people who are important to you and have been helpful during times of difficulty. Additionally, consider where the scene was set; if it was outdoors then this might symbolize freedom from any restrictions or burdens associated with mourning someone who has passed away whereas an indoor setting might hint at being stuck in these feelings and not being able to move on from them yet.

Analyzing all these aspects will help paint a clearer picture of what exactly your dream was trying to tell you – whether it’s related to dealing with loss in real life or expressing internal trauma that needs addressing – so pay attention to those details as well as how intense the emotions felt while dreaming of someone else’s tears or even when dreaming of yourself crying for the dead. By understanding these nuances better and recognizing any patterns associated with such dreams over time, we can begin to gain insight into ourselves and our inner emotional landscape which can help us cope better with challenging situations in daily life too.

Dreams like these carry immense power; if we give them enough thought we may find hidden meanings behind them which can potentially guide us towards meaningful discoveries about ourselves and our lives overall – but only if we take a closer look at them first!

I dreamed that I cried a lot

Feeling overwhelmed by emotion and shedding a lot of tears can be a sign that something is bothering you deeply. Dreaming of crying in a dream could be an indication of emotional distress, stress, or sadness. It could also mean that you are grieving something or someone in your life. Alternatively, it might indicate that you are feeling helpless or powerless and need to find ways to cope with the problem at hand. If you dream of someone else crying, it could be symbolic of their feelings towards you — either positive or negative — and may serve as a warning for potential conflicts that may arise between the two of you. Conversely, dreaming of your ex crying could symbolize some unresolved issues between the two of you which have been lingering in your subconscious mind for quite some time now.

Dreaming about seeing yourself cry is usually interpreted as an indication that something is not right within yourself — perhaps there is something deep within that needs to come out into the open so it can be dealt with accordingly. It may also suggest that there is some part inside which needs healing or acknowledgement from other people around you such as family and friends. Furthermore, dreaming about crying without tears could signify inner turmoil and frustration due to things being left unsaid or unfinished in your waking life.

Therefore, when interpreting dreams involving crying, one should take into consideration all possible scenarios before coming up with an interpretation based on personal context and experience. This will help unlock any underlying messages present within the dream and lead to greater understanding about oneself and what factors might be influencing one’s emotional state at the moment.

Dreaming of a husband or wife crying

You may find yourself dreaming of your spouse crying, which could symbolize underlying feelings of hurt and disappointment. This is especially true if the dream takes place in a funeral or during a time when you are feeling particularly vulnerable. Dreaming of your husband or wife crying can also indicate that there are unresolved issues within the relationship that need to be addressed. Alternatively, it could mean that you long for an emotional connection with them but feel powerless to make it happen.

Dreaming of someone crying tears of joy can signify a period of transition in life, such as a new job or a move. It can suggest that while the change may be difficult at first, ultimately it will bring happiness and fulfillment. On the other hand, if the dreamer is not experiencing any major changes in their life then it may suggest feelings of contentment and gratitude for what they already have.

Finally, if you find yourself dreaming of your husband or wife crying without any clear context then this could signify a deep longing for them even though they are physically absent from your life. It could also hint at anxiety about potential conflicts between you two down the line. Whatever its meaning might be, try to observe what other symbols appear in your dream and analyze how each element makes you feel so that you can gain greater insight into whatever hidden message lies beneath its surface.


Dreaming of crying can be a confusing experience, but if you take the time to reflect on the dream and its context, you can gain insight into what it means. It could symbolize sadness or joy, worry or relief, or even deep emotional pain. Whatever it may be, use your imagination to explore the depths of your dreamscape and find meaning in the tears that you shed. Let those tears become rivers of understanding as they flow through your soul and bring clarity to whatever is troubling you.

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